Oct 9, 2007

Champagne. Not Your Normal Daily Drink.

I was in the mood for champagne, thought that it should a wonderful day to start my day.
Note* that I'm not an alcoholic here,
I'm talking about a cafe joint that actually called - Champagne -

They have stores throughout California,
The one I went to is located at South Coast Plaza (they actually have two stores there),
And yes, I went shopping again...

As for my lunch, I had garlic chicken panini with Caesar salad-

I'm a big fan of panini,
How can you resist it when you see that melted cheese flowing out of a hot, crunchy bread.
The salad was ok. Nothing special.

Cindy's Rating for Panini: 6
Cindy's Rating for Caesar Salad: 5

Bread Pudding-

I know the presentation doesn't look so good,
But it surely tastes creamy and delicious.
(Still can't beat my favorite bread pudding from Extraordinary Dessert!)
Cindy's Rating: 6

Champagne also carries other items such as crepes, quiches, and soups.
Wait a second, I'm not done yet,
There's a bakery side that carries fresh baked goods everyday.
Croissant, brioche, black forest, fruit tarts, creme brulee, napoleon, baguette,
You name it.

I can get more than what I expected for a small price.
You wanna join the faux alcoholic group and start out your day with Champagne too?

Overall Rating: 6

Champagne (South Coast Plaza)
3333 Bear Street #151
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 429-1502


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