Oct 22, 2007

Smokin' Hot!

Irvine's on FIRE!

That's the picture I took last night from my balcony,
See that fire? See that smoke?
It was so close to me but yes, I still fell asleep soundly.
Thanks to my poor friends,
I told them just give me a call if the fire's spreading out towards my direction.
I need rest.

After 7 hours....
I looked through the window,
The fire's still there.
And it smells like....the incense from the temple,
Plus brownish sky.
I need fresh air...

It's 8:10 p.m. now.
Where's the fire?
Oh yes it's not going away.

Cough* Cough*


  1. I hope you and your friends are far from harm!

  2. To manggy~
    Hey, thank you so much,
    We're all fine now,
    Just the air condition is killing me.