Oct 15, 2007

Blog Action Day - Let's Make Our Earth Happily Ever After

I was surfing online the other day then I came across a Chinese blog.
One of its articles was talking about the consumption of bottled water,
Which completely changed my drinking habit.

Let me use bullet points to send out the messages from the article:

1. 167 is the average number of bottled drinks that each person in America consumed last year.

2. The need for bottled water has been increased 20 times from the past 30 years.

3. 84 kg of CO2 is the result of transferring 1 ton of Evian water from Europe to Sydney.

4. In America, only 20% of the total plastic bottles are recycled.

I used to buy bottled water from the grocery store,
Not anymore.
I've decided to use the filter system and just drink the water from there,
If I'm still concern about the quality,
Just boil the filtered water again and store it in a container that I'll use over and over again.

Just a little more effort,
We make our Earth a better place to live.


  1. I totally agree - if everyone can put in some effort, it would do great for our environment. I try to collect bottles and cans from work and take them to recycle centers...

  2. *claps claps* for your great effort!
    I wish I can persuade my boss to recycle some stuff at work too.
    We all need to think further to protect our mother earth.