Oct 24, 2007

Halloween/Fall Suitcase

One new category for my blog - Let's Get Workin'.
It'll mainly be things I encountered during work.
Sounds boring?
Don't worry, I'll try to make it as food-related as possible!

So what I've been up to these days?
Snuggling next to the air filter,
Staying away from flying dust,
Hoping that the snow will still come with all the crazy fire going on in SoCal,
And working on my current project:

My boss and I came up with this little present for networking purpose.
After searching for the materials, designing greeting cards, and putting every little pieces together,
I gonna be driving around as a delivery girl,
Giving away 50 suitcases throughout Southern California.
(Laguna, Irvine, Orange, Hacienda Heights, San Gabriel, you name it!)
The freeway's gonna be even more dangerous with me on the road.

And here are the goodies inside the suitcase-

Hershey's kisses.
We've decided to use purple and gold color kisses,
Since our company color is purple, and gold matches the suitcase.

I have to admit that I did munch on some of the chocolates while putting them together,
The gold ones are actually pretty good,
It's milk chocolate with almonds.
Very creamy, very nutty.
It surely is my favorite kisses flavor now.

I'd better stop eating them, otherwise I'll only have empty boxes to deliver tomorrow.

Cindy's Rating: 7

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