Oct 2, 2007

Little Treats from My Boss

The other day I was driving around with my boss around Orange County,
As we drove pass Newport,
Sprinkles came up into our minds.

So this is what I got from my boss-

Let's look what's inside that cute little box-

Four yummy cupcakes!
I got milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla milk chocolate, and lemon coconut flavor.
The cupcake itself was pretty good,
The icing was thicker than the usual ones,
And the part I like the most is the chocolate cake on the bottom.
It was thick and creamy, tastes like brownie to me.

People think Sprinkles is over-rated,
Well, I don't know if you are willing to pay more than $3 for a cupcake,
But look at them,
The overall quality is good, and the whole package design looks sharp.
Not to mention that the people at the store were really nice.

Mmmm. I'm craving for them again.

Cindy's Rating: 7

Corona Del Mar Plaza
944 Avocado Ave
Newport Beach, CA

(949) 760-0003

PS. They also have stores in Beverly Hills, Dallas, and Phoenix-Scottsdale.


  1. hehehe...nice pics! you triggered some memories of mine :) i gave them a 7 rating as well...


  2. how come you always have delicious goodies?
    Everything on your site looks extra ordinary delicious.

  3. To henrychan~
    Haha so you've been there too.
    I need to update my blog soon,
    otherwise if I keep seeing those cupcakes popping up on the front page, I can't never stop my cravings for them!

    To mrs.thepoint~
    Because-----Food makes me happy!-----

    To jaime-la-nouriture~
    We should come out with a Halloween cupcake!