May 6, 2007

Another Sunday Meal

Sunday = Cooking time~!

Stewed Pork-

Semi-fat pork (I use half lean meat and half super fat meat)
One package of stewed meat spices-滷包 (from my lovely mom)
A lot of garlic
Ginger (few slices)
Brown sugar (few table spoons)
Scallion (I used four)
Soy sauce

I cooked the pork in the hot boiling water first just to "cook away" the dirty stuff first.
Heat up some oil, pour the scallion and ginger in until it turns a little bit brown, add pork
Wait until the pork's kinda brown on the side, pour in water, garlic, stewed pork spices, and soy sauce.
All you need is to wait until the meat becomes tender that the fat part will just melt in your mouth.
I left it in the fridge overnight so the meat can absorb more sauce and gain more flavor.

Cindy's Rating: 6

Tofu with mushroom, silver fish, and pork-豆腐羹


Silken tofu (one box)

Ground pork

Silver fish (one box)

Mushroom (like 5 of them? I use more cz I love it)


Chicken soup (half can)

Corn Starch


White pepper

Black pepper (if desired)

Adapted from my mom's recipe, the one she made tastes way better though.

Heat up some oil, put the chopped garlic (really tiny) inside the pan, and then after a few seconds, only a few, otherwise it's gonna get burned, put the ground pork and stir-fried it.

Put the fish in, along with all other ingredient, with some additional water, and just wait until it's boiling.

Use some cold water and stir in the corn starch, pour into the "soup."

Keep stirring! You don't want a huge chunk of "floury stuff" in your meal!

Add some black pepper on the top if desired.

Cindy's Rating: 6 The one made by my mom? 8.7


Ingredient: Radish (白蘿蔔)
Fish cake
Fish balls
Bamboo Shoot (I used two)
Oden mix

Just toss everything in boiling water with one package of oden mix, this thing makes my life easier.
I usually use other ingredient like tofu and cabbage rolls, but since I have tofu for my meal already, I decided to use bamboo shoot.

Cindy's Rating: 5

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