May 13, 2007

Presents from Mother's Day!

I know I know it's not my holiday,
But I got a package from my parents on Mother's Day!
I'll show you later what's inside the package,
Let me tell you about the conversation between me and my mom last week.

Mom: Hey, don't give me flowers this year, I'll be gone to Ken Din (墾丁)
Me: Oh......(I was gonna get her flowers this year......fine.....)
And then the day of Mother's Day in Taiwan....
Me: Happy Mother's day!
Mom: What?? I can't hear you? bad reception. Oh~~Thank you.
Me: Eh....I'll call you back in a little bit since you can't hear me well?
Mom: It's ok, I'm on my way to Ken Din, just call me when I'm back to Taipei.
Me: ....Oh......Bye bye......

So sad....oh well, here's what I got from the package!

Wood Bracelets-

I love everything made by wood. Thank you mom!

Pictures of My Parents when They Went to Japan-

I wanna go there and snowboard so bad....the tour guide told them that every year during summer time, when the snow melt, you can actually find some dead bodies there.....

I miss my mom. And my dad. Happy Mother's Day!

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