May 27, 2007

Jurassic Restaurant in City of Industry

**2013 April side note on the bottom**

Good place for drinking beers.


Lamb with Essence and Onion
Steam Pork Blood Rice Cake
BBQ Sauce with Beef and Water Celery
孜然羊肉, 豬血糕, 沙茶空心菜炒牛肉-

Cindy's Rating for Lamb: 6
Cindy's Rating for Rice Cake: 4
Cindy's Rating for Water Celery: 3 (It was too salty)

(In the Bottom)
Taiwanese Style Pickled Cabbage

Cindy's Rating: 3
(This rating is not fair at all because I'm comparing it to the ones from Taiwan)

Final Greeting from the Dinosaur-

I checked the English names on the restaurant's website,
But apparently it didn't help at all,

And the background music on the website was super annoying.

PS. We ordered a lot more,
But I was kinda lazy to take pictures since I was super hungry...

Jurassic Restaurant
15301 Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA 91745
(626) 336-5899
**2013 April Side note**
I've been coming back to this restaurants for counteless times ever since. The food quality has been improved and actually got quite tasty. However, most of them are still on the saltier side, but I guess that's kind of an unspoken norm for restaurants aiming at alcohol sales.
A new review will definitely be up soon sometime in the future. As for now, I would like to bump up the rating for Jurassic from 6 to 8! That's right, two levels up!


  1. Forgot to mention it's next to a nice family-oriented strip club, a dark and chummy massage parlor, and a classy smokes shop.