May 21, 2007


May 20, Sunday, 2007.
The day I can finally proudly announce that,
I am a real college graduate! (well....if I pass all my classes..)

I wasn't that excited about the whole ceremony thing,
I just wanted to take some pictures as an evidence of my 4 years effort in Cal State Fullerton!
Thanks for everyone who came to see me,
Love you all!

Here are some of the pictures from the ceremony,

Before I put on my cap and my gown-

I love that tie.

My Medallion-

At the General Ceremony (Yui, Me, Nao, Waikin)-

Flowers I got from Amy, Rachel, Kenny, and Steven-

Card from Amy and Present from Sherry-

Thank you guys so much,
Stood there for god knows how long and waited for me,
Love you~!

So what's up next?
Send Papa and Mama the pictures I took from the ceremony!

(Super sleepy...been up since 5:15 a.m.)

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