May 28, 2007

Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu

After numerous days of Korean food,
I finally got out of that cycle.

Today, I'm having Japanese shabu shabu.

Ps. Shabu is the action when you "shake" the sliced meat in the pot.


Top: Goma Sauce (Sesame)
Left: Rice
Right: Ponzu Sauce-

I always put a lot of scallions and Daikon (radish) in my ponzu sauce.
Along with a little bit of spicy oil,
Just my personal preference.


Cindy Style:
Just toss everything in the pot at once,
And you don't need to worry about it anymore.
I'm lazy.


Overall Rating: 6

Japanese shabu shabu,
Taiwanese shabu shabu,
They all taste awesome to me.

This place also serves sukiyaki,
But I never tried it here,
Never a big fan of sukiyaki.

PS. The service is good here, waiters and waitress always smile at you. Just you might have to wait a little bit longer when it gets busy at night.

Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu
Diamond Plaza
1330 S. Fullerton Rd.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

(626) 810-6037


  1. i was looking at your food photos there, and such a coincidence that i always go to the little tokyo shabu too in rowland heights, it's one of my fave places to eat. if i may give you suggestions, the way you eat japanese shabu2, you're not supposed to toss everrythin (the beef) into the pot, because it's really changing the flavor of the beef. cook one at a time, and dont overcook them, take it out when it's turning to brown then you can really taste the flavor and tenderness of the beef. and if i'm not mistaken, the meat photo you have there is a picture of lamb, not beef. other than that though, your pictures really make me hungry. they look awesome.

  2. Ha sorry to mistaken you,
    I only toss all the vegetables inside the pot, not the beef.
    Of course I cook that one by one!
    Don't wanna waste the goodies!
    And~~About the picture~
    That really is beef though~
    Cz I never order lamb, my friends never order lamb too~

    Thank you for the comment!