May 24, 2007

San Diego Zoo Revisited

I love food,
I love movies,
And I love animals.

Zoo Map-

My legs are sore...

Meditating Monkey-

Mother and Son-


I think his neck is sore...



Polar Bear-

I guess they can't serve seals here...
Only cabbage...
(Treasure this moment....Less and less Polar Bears in the world due to global warming...sigh..)

Giant Panda:Take One-

So hard to get my food (frustrated)

Giant Panda:Take Two-

Whatever, I'll just eat it this way.

Harpy Eagle-

They hunt birds and mammals,
Sometimes even monkeys and small deers,
Strong bird indeed.


Please Treasure our mother nature.

San Diego Zoo
2920 Zoo Drive
Balboa Park, CA
(619) 234-0551

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