May 23, 2007

Arcadia Tasty Garden

Haven't cooked for a long time,
Been eating out these days,
I miss homemade food....
I shall start cooking this weekend!

But before that,
Lets look at what I had for dinner today first!

Menu (well of course I didn't "had" this for dinner..)-

Restaurant Layout-

I consider this place is pretty clean compare to other average Chinese restaurants,
Bright lighting, Vivid wall color, and platform TVs,

Which raise a question in my mind,
Is it a good thing to put a TV in a restaurant?

Maybe it's a way for people to avoid that uncomfortable moment of silence by staring at the TV,
Like they really do care about what is being shown inside that black square frame.
I don't know.

Hong Kong Style Waffle (雞蛋糕)-

I personally have an opinion about its English name,
I thought 雞蛋糕 is originally from Taiwan,
Once again, I don't know.

Cindy's Rating: 3 (Taiwan style waffle tastes better. Saying that with my country pride)

Crispy Walnut Shrimp (西汁核桃蝦) and House Special Chicken (貴妃雞)-

Cindy's Rating for the Shrimp: 5
Cindy's Rating for the Chicken: 7

Overall Rating: 5

Arcadia Tasty Garden
1212 S. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007

(626) 445-9388


  1. You just say that the Taiwanese waffle tastes better because you're Taiwanese.

  2. To Anonymous~
    Yeah, that might be the reason,
    Taste thing is always a very subjective subject, don't you agree?