May 23, 2007

Seared Scallops and Assorted Seafood Pasta

I'm the only person in the house today,
Figured I should "embrace" this chance,
And cook something for my lunch.

I wanna go light with my lunch today,
So I've decided to use seafood and try my best to turn them into something delicious!
(Well, at least I think it's yummy)

Seared Scallops-

2 large scallops
Leftover herbs (scallion, basil, cilantro, and rosemary)
White pepper
Lemon Wedges

Chop off all the herbs and mix it with breadcrumbs,
Also add a little bit of salt and white pepper into the mixture,
Coat the scallops with the mixture,

Drizzle some EVOO into the pan,
seared the scallops till fully cooked with golden brown color.

Add mayonnaise on top of each scallops,
Served with lemon wedges if desired.

Cindy's Rating: 6 (good way to clean up extra herbs in my fridge)

Assorted Seafood Pasta-

Linguine (1 Box, I used whole grain blend pasta today, so healthy)
Mussels (I wanted to get clams, but I couldn't get the kind I want at the supermarket today)
Garlic (Chopped)
Fresh ground pepper
Dry white wine


Add some salt into the boiling water,
And cook the linguine till al dente.

In another pan,
Heat up some EVOO and toss in the chopped garlic,
Wait till it turns golden color,
Add the wine and simmer till the liquid is reduced a little bit.

Toss in the basil, waited for a little bit,
Toss in all other ingredients.

If the pasta is cooked before the sauce is done,
Drain the pasta and rinse it with cold water,
Set aside and wait for the sauce to be ready.

Just simply mix together the sauce and the pasta,
Here you go,
Another healthy lunch from Cindy.

Cindy's Rating: 6

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