Jun 6, 2007

12:10 a.m. in San Jose

One hour and 10 minutes flight,
Here I am,
Updating my blog before I head to my temporary sleeping blanket in San Jose.

Took this picture while waiting for my flight (John Wayne Airport)-

On the plane-

One interesting thing happened while boarding on the plane,
Everyone just left the boarding pass on the desk (including me) and then walked to the plane,
None of the flight attendants were there checking our passes.

Until us, the intruders finally reached the door of the plane,
One guy finally came out and started to count how many people got in,
So he can make sure no "extra" people tried to smuggle in the plane.

Each passengers started to do the headcount,
I was number 13.

Not a safe thing to do,
But everyone was laughing and having fun doing the headcount.
All good.

Great pictures of Northern California coming up.
Be patient.

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