Jun 19, 2007

Class 302 - 三年二班

After my big breakfast - soba,
Now it's time for lunch!
(absolutely a food monger)

Class 302 (Interior)-

The whole place is designed with a high school setting back in Taiwan,
Notice the numbers on the left corner on the blackboard?
It's for people who slept during classes,
I was number 44 in my class "back then."
Was I on that column before?
You figure.

I think I ate more during class than slept more during class.


Shrimp Omelets 蝦仁煎-

Of course not as good as the ones from Taiwan,
Don't be too picky,
We're in America,
Should be graceful that we even have this version of Taiwanese food here.

Cindy's Rating: 4 (however, my rating is not that graceful)

Shredded Chicken Over Rice 嘉義雞絲飯-

They put most of their rice dishes in the lunch box,
Just like old times,
My lunch box was bigger than most of the students,

I eat well throughout my life.

Cindy's Rating: 6

The only not-so-nice thing about Class 302 is that their tables and chairs are really small,
You can barely squeeze your As* in that tiny space,
At least I was having a hard time with my butts.

Overall Rating: 5.5

Class 302 三年二班
1015 South Nogales St. #125
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

(626) 965-5809

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