Jun 14, 2007

La Creperie Cafe

Well well well,
How should I describe my feelings about this restaurant...
Let's just say,
It's been a fairly awkward experience dining there.


Dining Area-

Bar Area-


Garlic Fries-


One strange thing,
It disappeared somehow after the waiter spilled the pasta on me.
Just keep reading.

Cindy's Rating: 4

French Rivera-

Artichoke, tomatoes, chicken breast,
Served with cherry basil cream sauce.

Cindy's Rating: 6
Au Bon Curry-

Sour cream balanced out the stronger flavor of curry,
Something new for traditional crepes.

Cindy's Rating: 5.5

Seafood Linguine-

This was the pasta that got on my shirt (well, they made a new one for me of course),
I can make better ones,
No kidding,
After I poured in extra salt,
It's still tasteless,
The linguine wasn't al dente either,
I'm not being picky here,
It wasn't good at all,
End of story.

Cindy's Rating: 2 ("crepes only" if you ever come to this place)

Marie Antoinette-

Sweet crepes with strawberry, banana, nutella, Bailey's Irish cream, and two scoops of ice cream.

Not bad,
Once again,
I love banana.
Cindy's Rating: 6

So after the spilling incident,
The restaurant offered to pay for our dessert,
Dessert only,
I don't know,
Am I asking to much or what?
After you spilled something on your customer,
And you only offered to pay for the dessert?
Not like I wanna get something out of this,
But the overall service and the attitude just wasn't pleasing at all.
Overall Rating: 4

(At least the lady in the restroom was nice, trying to teach me how to wash away the yellow stain on my shirt)

La Creperie Cafe
4911 E. Second St
Long Beach, CA 90803

(562) 434-8499

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