Jun 14, 2007

What Are You Looking At

(Ran into this little friend today)

I quickly squatted down searching for my camera,
Gently removed every single piece of garbage from my purse,
I finally reached it,
Where is that little fellow?
Sitting there, steadily.

I took a picture from afar, didn't want him to run away,
Still not moving at all,
Fine then,
Guess you're not afraid of me, not even a little bit.

I gradually leaned toward him,
In the end,
My camera was only 5cm away from the lizard.
Close up pictures didn't turn out well,
My hand was shaking,
Pictures were blurry.
Give me a break,
I had to hold 3 plastic boxes in one hand, my purse in the other while taking lizard pictures at the same time.

Lizard: Can you just quickly take a picture and leave me alone?

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