Jun 5, 2007

Little Fellow

One year has passed already,
Time flies.

Thinking that I gonna move back to Irvine soon,
So I went to Ikea today to shop for my "future habitat,"
And this is one of the things I got from Ikea today,

Little Fellow to Keep Me Company-

I gonna put him in my car.

Wonder why I have so many elephant stuff around me...

1 comment:

  1. Toys are fun.Have you checked out Kidrobot.com? They have cool limited edition toys and stuff. Thanks for you kind words btw too, I just see it day by day at this point.

    I came here to post some more stuff about food but it appears as you have that totally covered. I like your bloggy's, Ok so you've seen Tampopo but have you seen Eat Drink Man Woman?

    Bye for now