Jun 21, 2007

My Potential Home Sweet Home

Just got the keys for the new apartment today,

Look on My Left-

Look on My Right-

So empty,
Wonder how it'll turn out on Sunday,
The day when I'll have to figure a way out to fit all my craps in this tiny studio.

For All the Good Things-

My aunt prepared this for the new place,
Pineapple: Basically means good fortune keeps coming. 旺來.
6 Apples: Everything goes well and wish for safety. 六六大順 and 平平安安.
Radish: I have no idea.
Chopsticks (the blue box): I don't know, the only thing that pops in my mind is 快快生子....

What's that thing on the right?

Wine rack!

Oh yeah baby~!
(Imagine me dancing on the floor)

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