Jun 24, 2007

Santouka - 火頭山 "山頭火"

So what's happening today?
I've been packing, loading, and unloading my stuff the whole day,
Excited about the new apartment?
I don't know,
I only know that I'm tired,
Plus my allergy was killing me last night,
Couldn't sleep well.
Man am I exhausted..

But..I refuse to go to bed before I finish writing this blog.

Stubborn and anal.


Ramen joint located in the food court of Mitsuwa market place.
It's originally from Japan, where more than 40 locations scattering throughout the continent.
And we have three Santouka here in Southern California,
One in Costa Mesa,
One in Torrance,
And one in Los Angeles.

Kara Miso Ramen (Spicy Miso Ramen)-

I always order this one.
Their chashu is really fat.
Man~ I love fat meat.

Cindy's Rating: 7

Shoyu Ramen-

Cindy's Rating: 6

Overall Rating: 6

Improvement needed:
Their spoon is too small,
How am I going to enjoy the soup with that shallow utensil?

(At last, I can finally head back to my sac in peace)

Santouka 火頭山
665 Paularino Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(714) 434-1101



  1. i think it is called 山頭火
    should read from right to left...
    the very right part is ra-men

  2. haha I'm writing it as the way they put it for the restaurants.


    Wish people can figure it out by their Japanese name.