Jun 10, 2007

Homemade Food in San Jose

Here are some of the dishes my roommate's mom made during my stay in San Jose.

Yu San (魚生)-

I'm not sure if it's originally from Malaysia or not,
But for sure it was claimed to be Malaysian food by my Malaysian roommate's mom.

According to her,
You only eat it during new years, or some kind of big event.
I guess having guests over tonight was a big event for them.

It's an honor.

Some ingredient:
Carrot strips
Apple Strips
Pear Strips
Some kinda melon strips
Fried tofu skin strips

And This is How You Eat It-

Everyone has to stir it at the same time,
I heard from someone saying that the fortune is bigger if you stir it longer,
Who knows,
Chinese people has a good twist for everything you do.

Fish Curry with Chilies-

A little bit sourish,
Pretty good.

Steamed Tofu with Dried Shrimps (蝦米蒸豆腐)-

Water Boiled Chicken (白切雞)-


Ginger (with soy sauce and stuff I don't know)
Scallion (with soy sauce and stuff I don't know)

You can tell that I've been eating well up here.

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