Jun 7, 2007

NoCal Trip - Day One

Two things to summarize my first day in Northern California:

Food & None-Stop-Walking.

Right after I woke up today,
I had one dorayaki,
And then we drove to downtown San Jose for breakfast at Lee's Sandwich,
After that we went to Pier 33 ready to buy some tickets for Alcatraz,
While waiting for the ferry,
We had some appetizers in a restaurant around 2 p.m.

Am I done yet?
No no no.

After touring Alcatraz,
We (me, my roommate, and his family) drove down to Union Square and shopped for a little bit,
Following that is the Japan Center,
Where we had our dinner.
Four of us shared udon, katsudon, rolls, sushi, and tepanyaki.

Enough for the day?
Oh you're so wrong,

After we got home,
There's Hong Kong style dessert (糖水) waiting for me,
--Made by my roommate's mom--
I had one and a half bowl of sweet bean soup with bamboo skin and egg.

Man am I full.

Here's are some of the pictures I took throughout the day:

Fisherman's Wharf (Heart-Shaped Crab)-

Seagull Pictures I took in Alcatraz:
Grooming His Butts-

Picking Up Stuff for His Nest (It's the breeding season)-

Can You See the Baby on the Left?-

Me after Eating and Walking All Day Long-


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