Jun 28, 2007

Taipei UC Noodle Bar - For the Sake of Bean Curd (Currently Closed)

**2013/02/04 Update**
Sadly, this store is now closed for office purpose only.

Was feeling kind of homesick today,
Somehow homesick leads to this blog entry about food in Taiwan,
Maybe it's one of the ways to make myself feel better,
-Food makes me happy-

Taipei UC Noodle Bar is located in one of the busy alleys in East Area,
The restaurant is designed by Jun Takahashi,
Mixed between old and new,
Where the traditional noodle dishes and the modern decoration elements clashed together.
Creating a whole new level for Chinese food.

One Corner-

Peanut Bean Curd-

Smooth and flavorful.
Rare find in the center of Taipei city.

Cindy's Rating: 7

I didn't take any noodle pictures,
What a shame,
But I had one bite of my friend's noodles,
Pretty good.

Overall Rating: 7

Highly recommended if you ever travel to Taiwan,
Good place to chill with friends while having some delicious dishes on the side.

Taipei UC Noodle Bar
Chun Xiao East Rd. Sec 4. Alley 181. Number 40.


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