Jun 20, 2007

Never Underestimate the Power of Food Monger

I'll just show you guys what did I eat today,
And you'll know what I mean by "food monger power."

First thing in the morning,
I ate about 2/3 of rice dish in the fridge (what I made the other day),
I know there's a Japanese buffet lunch waiting for me later today,
But my stomach couldn't let me wait for that few extra hours.

Few Extra Hours Passed By-

Where the War Begins-

Plate One-

As far as I can remember,
There were tuna rolls, Philadelphia rolls, crazy rolls (really spicy, trust me, if Cindy Lo said it's spicy, that means it's hella spicy!), tilapia nigiri, maguro nigiri, etc.

Plate Two-

Chashu, satay, stuffed crab meat, baked mussel, shaomai, and cheesy stir-fried crab.

Plate Three-

Assorted seafood, some veggies, more Philadelphia rolls (I love cream cheese), and one more tilapia nigiri.

Plate Four-

Fish balls soup and fried sesame balls with red bean filling.

Plate Five-

Peach-shaped dessert with red bean filling.

Plate Six-

Portuguese egg tart, cream puff, Switzerland roll, watermelon, and pineapple.

At Last-

Mixed ice cream with one cherry.

Overall Rating: 5
(lunch was only $9.99 per person, I call that a bargain. But of course don't expect excellent food at a buffet)
6 small plates,
With rice in the morning....
Did I mention about tofu pot for dinner?
And Kahlua cake from my friend as late night dessert?
(Which I'll post the picture later...)
I'm a pig.


Hokkaido Restaurant
4200 Scott Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660

(949) 851-5888


  1. i was searching up food monger..and your blog came up. all that food looks delicious!!