Jun 3, 2007

Tea Genie - 小貓養魚

Decided to give this place a try instead of going to Tea Station every single time,
But after all...
Tea Station is still the best.
At least for now.


Fruit Tea-

Which I didn't see any fruit at all.

Cindy's Rating: 1

Butter Toast-

My first reaction when they brought the toast to our table:
It was like 1/3 smaller than the one you usually get.
I don't know if the price is cheaper here or not,
I only know that it's the smallest butter toast I've even seen in my life.

Maybe I over-exaggerated it,
But it really is the smallest toast I've ever seen from a tea place.

Cindy's Rating: 3

So many bad things about this place,
Some good parts still worth mentioning:
This place is quiet,
They have Interesting names for the food in Chinese,
They have wide selection of meals (in comparison to other tea places).
That's about it.

I didn't try the food,
But if you wanna have tea only,
Don't come here.

Tea Genie - 小貓養魚
250 W. Valley Blvd #B2
San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 284-0618

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